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The only Saas specific Optimization & Growth agency in North America.

We are a boutique growth firm that helps SaaS companies grow through experimentation. Successful businesses work with BambuSix to identify growth opportunities, understand customers, increase conversion rate, and grow revenue.

† Actual Results

Recommended by

Top Marketers, Product Managers, and Growth Leaders at some of the World’s Leading Companies

Chad Hawk

Director of Growth Analytics

“I’m impressed by Franco’s ability to evaluate customer experience and drive conversions. Highly recommended to anyone looking to optimize customer experience and drive ROI.

Josh Biedenweg

Senior Product Marketing Manager

“Franco is one of the best Growth leaders I’ve ever work with. If you need help increasing conversion rate and growing revenue Franco is your guy.”

Ian Braunstein

Product Manager

“Franco was instrumental in defining the optimization strategy for our products that helped drive revenue and user growth.


How We Help You Grow


Revenue Optimization

Go beyond CRO and optimize all your businesses growth levers. Increase Traffic, CVR, ARPU, AOV, RPV, LTV, Retention, Referrals, and most importantly Revenue.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve core conversion rate across all user segments and channels. Increase CVR, decrease CPAs, boost revenue per visitor. Get more ROI from your existing traffic.


Customer Research

The core of any Growth strategy is understanding your users. Get answers to burning business questions. Become data-informed. Make faster, more accurate business decisions.


Conversion-Centered Design

There’s a difference between a design that looks pretty and one that converts. Our designs are made to maximize revenue first and foremost (they also happen to look great).

Uday Chakravarthi

Senior Director of Product

“Very impressed with Franco’s ability to run highly successful Growth and Optimization programs that result in driving growth and revenue. His customer-centered and data-driven approach resulted in increased conversion rate.”

Wilson Lau

Senior Product Manager

“Highly skilled at identifying and capturing revenue growth opportunities. Franco develops and executes custom CRO & Growth strategies to hit just about any business goal. Highly recommended for growing revenue through Experimentation.”

Typical Results

We're Relentless
About ROI

All of our growth and optimization programs are
designed to maximize Conversion Rate, Revenue, and ROI.

Typical Results

 Franco optimized our main user journeys and sales funnels. He has in-depth knowledge of all things Optimization, highly recommended for all your optimization needs. 

Eva Gross

Head of Localization

We Deliver Results

We focus on delivering the only result that
matters, dollars in the bank.

Actual Results

 Franco’s data-driven approach was critical to the company’s
growth and left a lasting impact on the business. An
excellent asset to anyone looking to scale their optimization program.

Shaun Culver

Senior Product Manager

Actual Results

Our Team's Experience

Our team of Optimization & Growth experts have helped increase conversion 
rate and grow revenue at some of world’s biggest brands

Pia Chakrabarti

Senior Product Manager

“Franco unlocked higher revenue potential through experimentation. He created a smoothly running optimization machine, bringing impactful results to the business.”

Wilson Lau

Senior Product Manager

“Highly skilled at identifying and capturing revenue growth opportunities. Franco develops and executes custom CRO & Growth strategies to hit just about any business goal. Highly recommended for growing revenue through Optimization and Experimentation.”

Our Favorite Tools

BambuSix vs. Full-Time Hire/Agency

Agency or Full-Time Hire
A full senior growth team. We cover strategy & implementation.
Just 1 high-risk hire or Jr. account manager at an agency.
We pay for ourselves. Always ROI-Positive. Our average engagement has an ROI of 5-15x. We've delivered a 79X ROI in less than 9 months.
Several $100Ks with no guarantee of ROI.
We’re fast! Test 1 is launched in week one.
3-6 months to find the right hire. Another 3-6 months to onboard them. Most agencies require 3 months to start testing.
Time Commitment
Minimal. We work independently and don't drain your time. A maximum of 1hr/week of meeting time to discuss results.
Hiring, Onboarding, Ramping-up is painful, error-prone, and expensive. It’s a full-time job.
An entire team of senior growth specialists. Optimization Specialist, Data Analyst, Conversion-Centered Designer, Conversion-Centered Copywriter, AB-Test Developer, Analytics Developer, User Researcher.
Jr. account manager or high-risk unvetted hires.
No-Risk! Our engagement is Month-to-Month and we are always ROI-positive. We're a team of seasoned growth experts.
High Risk! This is always an expensive gamble.
- Agencies demand long contracts.
- A bad hire can cost you a year.
Contractually Guaranteed ROI.
5X - 15X ROI typical.
ROI never guaranteed.