About Us

BambuSix is a global team of Optimization & Growth specialists.

This isn’t your standard digital marketing agency where you trade dollars for hours to have tactical work done by junior employees. This is a team of career Optimization specialists working with a select handful of companies to strategically increase conversions and grow revenue.

We are not marketing generalists, we have all made careers of developing deep expertise in each of our respective digital marketing specializations.

Who We Are

We believe Execution Leaders supersede Thought Leaders. ⛏ > 🧐

We believe in execution quality over client quantity. We’re a boutique firm – we only take on a select handful of clients, which allows us to spend our time and energy delivering results rather than on a never ending quest to find the next lead.

We’re a distributed team that works across the globe supporting growth stage startups. We have extensive experience in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Customer Experience Optimization (CXO), Personalization, Price Testing, Conversion-Centered Design, Persuasion Design, Conversion-Centered Copywriting, and Data Analytics.

We are serious about the work we do and the results we achieve, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. 🙃

Above all we believe in results over deliverables. 📈 > ✅ 

We do our best work with clients when we have...

Aligned incentives

Most agencies charge you for the work they do regardless of results. We only partner with companies when we believe we can deliver exceptional impact. When we do better, you do better. When you do better, we do better.

Commitment to long-term growth

We work with organizations that understand optimization is not a onetime overnight activity. Companies with a structured approach to improving their conversion rate are twice as likely to report large increases in revenue.

Access to senior stakeholders

Playing telephone won’t work. We need access to senior stakeholders to discuss and make strategic decisions.

Meet the Team

Franco Cedano

Founder & Growth Lead

Generated over $54M in additional revenue through CRO & CXO experiments. Over a decade working in Silicon Valley tech at both Fortune 500 and venture backed startups. Background in electrical engineering, software development, product management, Conversion Optimization, and Growth. Speaker at various Optimizely and CRO industry events. Bedroom musician, world traveler, budding calisthenics nerd.

Experiments executed: 800+   Experiment win rate: 45% (2.25X industry average)

Cornell University. Masters Eng. & B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Femi Odewumi​

Senior Optimization Strategist

Analytics & Optimization specialist with over 10 years of proven experience in Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Analytics, Customer Insight Analysis, UX, and Product delivery. Femi has an impressive resume and experience delivering results for some of the worlds biggest brands including Samsung, Virgin Media, and British Telecommunications amongst others.

Jon Evans

Senior Conversion Copywriter

Conversion-centered copywriter specializing in creating high converting marketing messages, landing pages, emails, and content strategies for SaaS companies. His impressive resume includes writing effective copy for brands like HotJar, Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Braun, Nissan, Proctor & Gamble, 7up, Sky TV, GlaxoSmithKlein and the BBC. 

Nenad Stojanovic

UX & Persuasion Designer

CXL Certified Optimizer and Digital Psychologist Specialist. Nenad focuses on understanding the customer, their pain points, motivations, fears, uncertainties, and doubts through a lens of behavioral psychology. Understanding the user is the basis of communicating effectively with the customer. Effective communication is at the heart of continuous growth.

Nigel Stevens

Organic Growth Advisor

Founder at Organic Growth Marketing, where he leads SEO efforts for an array of high growth tech companies. Has helped scale some of Silicon Valleys hottests startups including Intercom, ProfitWell, LendingClub, and Unsplash. Nigel is a connoisseur of Spanish chorizo, doble espresso, and CBD blunts.